Vince Sant the founder and CEO of the words online fastest-growing, V Sant.storm by taken the wold Issa trainer and certified is a V Shred .has a youtube channel he chared his workout, tips and more. V Shred. he more than 807k is subscribers. he garnered to channel More than 57 Million views his videos. Not just that, now Also so Instagram more than 628k followings. Vince has a lot of struggling to maintain an inspiration to body and lifestyle fit.


V Sant was born on the 31st of December in 1993, in Ohio, the US celebrates he wiki his birthday. age 26. Vince Sant is the school name is Attended Fairmont High School, to Kettering, for quit to study to the schooling to because he was he is football paly to the gaunt

V Shred his latest 15 posts, posts rating is 3.23% followers on each the average engagement, of the amount between $ 1,890.34 – $ 4,654.50 for sponsorship

Famous For

V Shred youtube he best videos uploading fitness tips tutorial to your channel, and the ISSA trainer in the wold and certified.

the Official website is V Shred. and youtube 1.3 Million subscribers, your channel videos also the training and workouts with the supplements guide.

Personal Life is the Vince Sant

the Name is Vince Sant Was born of Ohio, the US in 1993. they are supporting and pushing best.relationship is the good without any signs.

V Sant’s age is 26 in a Family of cassie Sant and Zog gray, playing the game is football, which made him a fitness freak.

He earns the median salary for a fitness instructor of $37,189 per year. on youtube and offsite V Shred

If you have any concerns about your health and ability to work out, always consult with your doctor first.

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